Flashback, we are in 2011. Four boys meet in Milan after several years wandering around the four corners of the globe. They have experienced some of the most thrilling scenes of America and Europe, have cultivated their love for good music. Most of the people know that Milan, suffers from a grave shortage: there is no real night where the rock realms protagonist, and it desperately feels the need for an event, taking place on Monday night starting the week with the right dose of energy or prolonging the weekend always too short, a matter of point of view. The result of rock and monday night is a lethal combo of sound bombs, touching all the poles rock spectrum: from classics of the Kinks, the angry punk of the Sex Pistols, landing at the Beach Boys surf rock and completing all with the nostalgic psychedelia of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd or the cleverly revisited Temples and Tame Impala. A recipe designed to captivate the most discerning hears and to unleash even the more quiet spirits. Within a few years Dirty Mondays Milan can catalyze a loyal and cosmopolitan crowd, perhaps because of the varied choice of the guys behind the DJ booth, and because of the international and unpretentious atmosphere that reigns within the walls of Santa Tecla, a place with a little bit of history in the shade of the Duomo spires.