Flashback, we’re in 2011. Four guys end up together in Milan, after wandering for years in all corners of the globe. They have experienced some of the world’s most exciting scenes from Europe to the USA. They have fostered their love for good music and they have realized that Milan is showing a lack: a real rock and roll night where rock could be king. They desperately feel the need for a Monday night out that could start the week with a bang! Or extend the weekend, always too short, depending on the viewpoint.

To these guys making a combo of the two needs comes natural. The final result is a fatal mix of explosive sounds that reaches the full rock spectrum: from Kinks classics to the furious Sex Pistols punk, reaching the Beach Boys surf rock and completing the circle with the nostalgic psychedelia of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the one skillfully revised by Temples and Tame Impala.

A full recipe designed to endear the most demanding ears and unleash even the clumsiest guy. In just a few years Dirty Mondays Milano succeeds in attracting an affectionate and cosmopolitan audience. We chalk this up to the diverse people doing the dj set or to the international easy-going atmosphere that you can breath within the mirrored walls of Nepentha Club, iconic club beneath the Duomo.